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The Nomadic Geographies of Anglo-American Modernism


Giovanni Cianci, Caroline Patey and Sara Sullam

Contents: Caroline Patey/Giovanni Cianci: Introduction – Ian Duncan: Darwin’s Voyage: Circumnavigation, World History and the Map of Mankind – J.B. Bullen: The Imaginative Geography of Hardy’s The Return of the Native – Luisa Villa: ‘A cruel double-magic’: Modern Travel and its Complexities in Rudyard Kipling’s Egypt of the Magicians – Giovanni Cianci: Open Space versus Closed Space: The Crisis of Domesticity in Literary and Visual Early Modernism – Max Saunders: Ford Madox Ford and Nomadic Modernism – Daniela Caselli: Geographies of Loss in Djuna Barnes’s Bewildering Corpus – Laura Pelaschiar: ‘In all habitable lands and islands explored or unexplored’: Politics and Poetics of Space in Joyce’s Ulysses – Sara Sullam: Berlin Transfer: Christopher Isherwood’s Anglo-German Poetics – Giuseppina Restivo: The ‘Ulyssean’ and the ‘Kolossalisch’: Joyce and de Chirico in Beckett’s Endgame – David Bradshaw: ‘Great Avenues of Civilization’: The Victoria Embankment and Piccadilly Circus Underground Station in the Novels of Virginia Woolf and Chelsea Embankment in Howards End – Caroline Patey: Channelling Words: Modernist Imagination and the Coast of South-East England – Stan Smith: Island Distractions: W.H. Auden’s Ethical Topographies – Mario Maffi: An Inner Elsewhere: New Orleans’s Fluid Time-Space – Cinzia Schiavini: The Borders of Empire: Diasporic Spaces and the Transfrontera in Rubén Martínez’s The Other Side and Crossing Over – Werner Sollors: Nomadic Geographies, or, ‘The peoples of the world are rapidly being scrambled!’.