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Beyond Universal Pragmatics

Studies in the Philosophy of Communication


Colin B. Grant

Contents: Colin B. Grant: Introduction – Edmond Wright: Habermas as Lacking in Faith? – Mark Olssen: Discourse, Complexity, Life: Elaborating the Possibilities of Foucault’s Materialist Concept of Discourse – Bart Vandenabeele/Stijn Van Impe: Kant ‘after’ Habermas and Searle. Towards a Pragmatics of Aesthetic Judgements – Siegfried J. Schmidt: The Self-Organisation of Human Communication – João Salgado/Jaan Valsiner: Dialogism and the Eternal Movement within Communication – Katerina Strani: Communicative Rationality and the Challenge of Systems Theory – Loet Leydesdorff: Luhmann Reconsidered. Towards an Empirical Research Programme in the Sociology of Communication? – Tino G.K. Meitz: In Praise of Hubris: Habermas, Epistemology and Theory Formation – Colin B. Grant: Radical Contextualism vs. Universal Pragmatics.