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Challenges to Consensual Politics

Democracy, Identity, and Populist Protest in the Alpine Region


Daniele Caramani and Yves Mény

Contents: Daniele Caramani/Yves Mény: Introduction: The Alpine Challenge to Identity, Consensus, and European Integration – Michael Keating: Regionalism in the Alps: Subnational, Supranational, and Transnational – Yannis Papadopoulos: Populism as the Other Side of Consociational Multi-Level Democracies – Daniele Caramani: Natural Cultures: The Alpine Political Culture and Its Relationship to the Nation-State and European Integration – Patricia Chiantera-Stutte: Leadership, Ideology, and Anti-European Politics in the Italian Lega Nord – Anton Pelinka: Right-Wing Populism Plus «X»: The Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) – Hans-Georg Betz: Mobilising Resentment in the Alps: The Swiss SVP, the Italian Lega Nord, and the Austrian FPÖ – Claudius Wagemann: Once Again the Deviant Case? Why the Christlich-Soziale Union Only Partially Fulfils the Image of an «Alpine Populist Party» – Günther Pallaver: The Südtiroler Volkspartei and Its Ethno-Populism – Oscar Mazzoleni: Multi-Level Populism and Centre-Periphery Cleavage in Switzerland: The Case of the Lega dei Ticinesi.