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Statehood Before and Beyond Ethnicity

Minor States in Northern and Eastern Europe, 1600-2000


Linas Eriksonas and Leos Müller

Contents: Linas Eriksonas/Leos Müller: Introduction – Miroslav Hroch: Questions of Ethnic and Civil Nationalism – Eric Kaufmann: ‘National Ethnicity’ and the Modern State – Mark L. Thompson: Jean Bodin’s Six Books of the Commonwealth and the Early Modern Nation – Vladimír Urbánek: The Idea of State and Nation in the Writings of Bohemian Exiles After 1620 – Alan R. MacDonald: Statehood, Nationhood and Treason in Early Modern Scotland – Johan Holm: King Gustav Adolf’s Death: The Birth of Early Modern Nationalism in Sweden – Anna Maria Forssberg: Nationalist Arguments as Instruments of War Propaganda in Sweden, 1655-80 – Gábor Kármán: Transylvania Between the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires – Matt Schumann: International Rivalry and State Identity in the Seven Years War, 1755-63 – Asker Pelgrom: The Lombard League Traditions in Northern Italy – Johannes Remy: The Past of Poland-Lithuania in the Polish National Movement, 1830-64 – Jonathan Kwan: The Austrian State Idea and Bohemian State Rights: Contrasting Traditions in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1848-1914 – Marius Turda: Nation-States and Irredentism in the Balkans, 1890-1920 – Effi Gazi: Constructing the National Majority and Ethnic/Religious Minorities in Greece: An Overview – Miodrag A. Jovanović: Serbia: From Ethnic Nationhood to Multicultural Citizenship – Marnix Beyen: Belgium: A Nation That Failed to Be Ethnic – Johan den Hertog: The Pillars of Nation Inside the Dutch State – Gabriella Elgenius: National Days and Nation-Building.