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The Uruguay Round Results

A European Lawyers' Perspective- Proceedings of an International Conference held at the College of Europe, Bruges


Jaques H.J. Bourgeois, Frédérique Berrod and Eric Gippini Fournier

Contents: Jacques H.J. Bourgeois: The Uruguay Round Results from a European Lawyers' Perspective: An Introduction - Frédérique Berrod/Eric Gippini Fournier: The Common Institutional Framework of the New World Trade System - Hugo Paemen: The Significance of the Uruguay Round - Jacques Pelkmans: The Economic Significance of the Round - Jacques Leflon: Uruguay Round Comments: A View from UNICE - Frieder Roessler: The Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization - Pieter-Jan Kuyper: The New WTO Dispute Settlement System: The Impact on the Community - Paolo Mengozzi: The Marrakesh DSU and its Implications on the International and European Level - Hjalte Rasmussen: The Institutions of the World Trade Law after the WTO confronted with some of the Legacies of the Past - Frédérique Berrod: The Evolution of the Rules Affecting Trade in Goods: An Introductory Note - Mark Koulen: The New Anti-Dumping Code through its Negotiating History - Ivo Van Bael: The 1994 Anti-Dumping Code and the New EC Anti-Dumping Regulation - Gérard Depayre: Subsidies and Countervailing Measures after the Uruguay Round: An Overview - Christopher Norall: Impact of the New Rules on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures - Thiébaut Flory: The Agreement on Safeguards - Marco C.E.J. Bronckers: Voluntary Export Restraints and the GATT 1994 Agreement on Safeguards - Edmond L.M. Völker: The Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade - Reinhard Quick: The Agreement on the Technical Barriers to Trade in the Context of the Trade and Environment Discussion - Wim Keijzer: GATT Agreement on Rules of Origin: its Purpose and Implications from a European Community Perspective - Edwin Vermulst: Rules of Origin in the Future: Selected Issues - Eric Gippini Fournier: GATS. Introductory Note - Julian Arkell: The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). Liberalisation Concepts, Structures and Modalities - Tania Friederichs: Some Comments on GATS - Ian Wilkinson: The Uruguay Round and Financial Services - Giorgio Sacerdoti: Some Remarks on the Financial Services: Evaluation and Perspective - Karl F. Falkenberg: The Audiovisual Sector - Eric Morgan de Rivery: Unresolved Issues in the Audiovisual Sector and the US/EC Conflict - Ralf Scheibach: Foreign Direct Investment - Jacques Steenbergen: The WTO and Monetary Policy - Dominique Carreau: The Uruguay Round Negotiations Confronted by the Monetary Phenomenon - Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann: Report on Committee I (Trade in Goods) - Paul Demaret: Report on Committee II (Trade in Services) - Christiaan W.A. Timmermans: The Implementation of the Uruguay Round by the EC - Willy De Clercq: Closing Address.