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Legal and Political Theory in the Post-National Age

Selected papers presented at the Second Central and Eastern European Forum for Legal, Political and Social Theorists (Budapest, 21-22 May 2010)


Péter Cserne and Miklós Könczöl

Contents: Péter Cserne/Miklós Könczöl: Introduction – Szilárd Tattay: The subjective concept of right in Francisco Suárez – Goran Dajović: The relationship between rule of recognition and constitutional rules – Máté Paksy: On Hartian questions of legal philosophy – Balázs Fekete: Cultural comparative law? – Antal Szerletics: Paternalism and the virtue of care – András Zétényi: Practical reason and practical reasonableness: Raz and Finnis on the basis of practical philosophy – Marta Soniewicka: The legal challenges to equality and freedom in the age of genomic medicine – Charis Papacharalambous: Joint criminal enterprise: Towards a new concept of criminal participation? – Krisztina Ficsor: The theoretical background of legal formalism – Katalin Kelemen: The road from Common Law to East-Central Europe: The case of the dissenting opinion – Mariusz Jerzy Golecki: Complex laws and self-referential rules: The European legal system between hierarchy and transnational network – Anna Kalisz/Adam Szot: The general clause: A measure of universalising the content of law or an expression of its diversity? On ‘public interest’ and ‘public moral’ clauses – Jürgen Busch/Judith von Schmädel/Kamila Staudigl-Ciechowicz: ‘Peace through Law’: Kelsen’s (and his school’s) struggle for universal peace – Victor Negrescu: The concept of cooperation for development in international relations: Between international public relations and public policies.