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Sport and Doping

The Analysis of an Antagonistic Symbiosis

Eike Emrich and Werner Pitsch

Contents: Eike Emrich/Werner Pitsch: Introduction – Werner Pitsch/Peter Maats/Eike Emrich: The frequency of doping in elite sport - a replication study – Jens Flatau/Frank Schröder: Motivations of elite athletes for and against doping substance use – Frank Daumann: Doping in elite sport from the economic perspective – Werner Pitsch/Monika Frenger/Eike Emrich: The impact of anti-doping legislation in Europe - outlines for the development of model-based hypotheses – Werner Pitsch: Doping controls between test theory and ethics - unintended consequences of in principle imperfect doping tests – Eike Emrich/Werner Pitsch: The doping control market - Are investments into a faked honesty more rewarding than honesty itself? – Katja Senkel/Eike Emrich/Carsten Momsen: Measures to increase compliance on the part of the international sports federations in the fight against doping - some thoughts on the effectiveness of incorporating the principle of subsidiarity into the WADC – Katja Senkel: «Strict liability», presumption of guilt and reciprocity in anti-doping measures initiated by sports associations – Carsten Momsen: Criminal penalties in the fight against doping?