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Histories of Public Service Broadcasters on the Web

Maureen Burns and Niels Brügger

Contents: Nicholas W. Jankowski: Foreword: Public Service Broadcasters and the Web: Interplay of Convenience, Necessity, and Challenge – Maureen Burns/Niels Brügger: Introduction: Histories of Public Service Broadcasters on the Web: Thematic Concerns – An Nguyen/Alberto García: When Public Service Is the Name of the Game: The Evolution of British and Spanish Public Service Broadcasters in Online Journalism – Einar Thorsen: The Second Digital Wave: BBC News Online, Embedded Video and the iPlayer – Nikki Usher/Patricia Riley/Vikki Porter: NPR Online: Public Service Communication at the Center of National Public Radio – Maureen Burns: Protecting the Brand: A History of ABC Online News-as-Commodity – Kenneth Murphy: RTE Online: Public Objectives and Commercial Imperatives – Hallvard Moe: Between Public Service and Commercial Venture: The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation on the Web 1994-2000 – Niels Brügger: The Idea of Public Service in the Early History of DR Online – Amit M. Schejter/Merav Katz-Kimchi: « . . . [and] They Formed Themselves into a Single Unit»: The Development of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority Website – Benedetta Brevini: Southern European Public Service Broadcasters Expanding Online: A Policy Study of RAI and RTVE’s Online Activities – Meghan Grosse/David W. Park: Public Media and the Web in the U.S.: The Case of Vocalo – Anne Dunn: Regional Radio and Online Media Production: An Australian Broadcasting Corporation Case Study – Brian O’Neill/Michael J. Murphy: Canadian Content, Public Broadcasting and the Internet: CBC’s Online Strategy 1995-2000 – Fiona Martin: Vox Populi, Vox Dei: ABC Online and the Risks of Dialogic Interaction – Anja Bechmann: User Participation at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation 1998-2010: Changing Patterns – Shawn Powers: From Broadcast to Networked Journalism: The Case of Al-Jazeera English.