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Intercultural Spaces

Language, Culture, Identity

Aileen Pearson-Evans and Angela Leahy

This selection of peer-reviewed essays is taken from the Royal Irish Academy Symposium Intercultural Spaces: Language, Culture, Identity, hosted by Dublin City University in November 2003. It brings together a fascinating range of scholarly interpretations of the ‘intercultural space’ with rich contributions coming from the fields of sociology, politics, language teaching and learning, translation, drama, literature, and history. Individually each essay draws the reader into its own particular ‘intercultural space’ shaped by the norms and parameters of the discipline within which it is being described. As a collection, however, the essays link these usually separate spaces together to forge new and exciting interdisciplinary connections. This collection offers readers from many different disciplines a comprehensive array of interpretations and insights into the phenomenon that is the ‘intercultural space’, and invites them to explore the richness of this concept as it is revealed in Intercultural Spaces: Language, Culture, Identity.
Contents: Diane Davies: Brian Friel’s Translations: codes, codification and (inter)cultural spaces – Susanne Ehrenreich: Living and teaching in intercultural spaces: a close(r) look at the impact of the assistant experience on prospective foreign language teachers – Catherine Emerson: Pis(s)ing on intercultural boundaries: Manneken-Pis and cultural identity – Angela Chambers/Shaun Nolan: The concept of culture in la Francophonie: myth and reality – Bernadette O’Rourke: Support for the societal presence of minority languages and as symbols of identitiy: assessing the views of Irish and Galician student groups – Andrzej Kurtyka: From language to culture: on the intercultural dimension of foreign language learning and teaching – Dora Carpenter Latiri: The Islamic scarf in France today: an issue of interculturalism – Cordula Politis: The encounter between Christendom and Islam in Wolfram’s Willehalm – Andrew O’Shea: The Lysistrata Project: intercultural restistance and the economy of sacrifice – Jennifer Bruen/Juliette Péchenart/Veronica Crosbie: Have Portfolio, Will Travel: the intercultural dimension of the European Language Portfolio – Annika Lindskog: Current thinking on language and collective identity in Sweden – Phyllis Gaffney: Une terrible beauté, or 1916 and all that: French fictional representations of modern Irish history – Georg Grote: South Tyrol in the 20th century: retaining ethnicity between nationalism and regionalism – Brigitte Le Juez: Challenging fantasies of the Orient in Pépé le Moko by Julien Duvivier (1936) – Lixin Xiao: A study on perceptual match and mismatch between Chinese EFL students and their teachers – Timofei Agarin: Post-Soviet community building in the Baltic States – Vera Sheridan: Loneliness or satisfaction: tracing the path of cross-cultural adaptation by members of the Vietnamese community in Ireland – Elizabeth Murphy-Lejeune: Identity, culture and language learning: the benefits of a mobility capital – Julia Hathaway: Rights, choices and values: voyages through intercultural spaces.