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Language as Chiffre

Wittgenstein’s Theory of Symbols


Ulrike Ritter

Contents: Semiotic Charades – The Logic of Contingent Sentences – Formal Ontology – Synthetic Symbols – Successor Relations and Natural Numbers – A Solution of the Modality Problem – The Objectivity of Pictures – Impossible Objects – Big Typescript – Axioms of Set-Theory, Aspectuality, Colour Concepts – Semantical Minimalism – Towards the Later Philosophy – Pre-War Philosophical Investigations – After-War Philosophical Investigations – The Pieces Zettel – Freud’s Analysis of Jokes – A Semantical Associative Connection in Language – Rationality and Non-Naturalness of Language – Signs – Gestures in the Theories of Speech-Acts – Gestural Variants of Asserting in Speech Acts – Language Learning – Grammatical Summary – Historical Summary – Formal Summary.