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Ethnic Minorities and Nationalism in Southeast Asia

Festschrift, dedicated to Hans Dieter Kubitscheck

Jörg Thomas Engelbert and Andreas Schneider

The book is a festschrift, dedicated to Hans Dieter Kubitscheck, the former head of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at Humboldt University, Berlin. Ten authors representing different academic disciplines (mainly history and ethnology) as well as four different countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Burma/Myanmar) discuss the relations between ethnic minorities and the nation state in Southeast Asia in colonial and modern times.
Contents: Bernhard Dahm: Ethnic Groups, Colonial Conquest and Nationalism in Sumatra – Vincent J.H. Houben: Communal Conflict in Post-Suharto Indonesia: the Case of Ambon – Mary Somers Heidhues: Who Wants to be Non-Pribumi? The Uses of Parentheses – Sri Kuhnt-Saptodewo: Religion and Identity – Wilfried Wagner: Volkwerdung under the Sign of the Cross. A Protestant Concept of Emerging Nationhood – Annemarie Esche: Nation, Nation-State and Ethnicity (with reference to the Union of Myanmar) – Wilfried Lulei: Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam, Past and Present – Thomas Engelbert: Ideology and Reality. Nationalitätenpolitik in North and South Vietnam and the First Indochina War – Laohoua Cheutching: The Situation of the Hmong and Minority Politics in Laos – Andreas Schneider: Nationalism, National Awakening and Ethnic Approaches in Laos at the End of World War II – Hans Dieter Kubitscheck. A Short Biographical Outline – Bibliography of Hans Dieter Kubitscheck.