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Becoming Loquens

More Studies in Language Origins


Bernard H. Bichakjian, Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Adam Kendon and Anke Möller

Contents: Uwe Jürgens: A comparison of the neural system underlying speech and non-speech vocal utterances – Ivo Budil: Evolution of vocal communication. Evidence from palaeo-laryngology – Sonia Ragir: How is a stone tool like a sentence? – Tiziano Telleschi: Origins of language and of society-culture relationships – Merlin Donald: Preconditions for the evolution of protolanguages – Leonard Rolfe: Phonesthemes as primary word forms – Stan Voronin: Approaching the iconic theory of language origin. Pertinent laws and tendencies from phonosemantics – Robin Allott: The articulatory basis of the alphabet – Alexander N. Kornev: Toward a neuropsychological model of phonological development – Tatiana V. Chernigovskaya/Yu. V. Natochin/V. V. Menshutkin: Principles of the evolution of natural and computer languages and physiological systems – Brigitte L. M. Bauer: From Latin to French: The linear development of word order – Alberto Nocentini: Homonymy, synonymy and duality of patterning. About the distinctive properties of human language – Vadim B. Kasevich: On Universal Grammar and cognitive primitives – James Cooke Brown: What can be learned from thirty years of teaching a logical language about the probable course of language evolution? – Walburga von Raffler-Engel: Personality formation during the pre-natal stage – Jordi Magraner: Oral statements concerning living unknown hominids. Analysis, criticism, and implications for language origins.