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Rethinking Language Pedagogy from a Corpus Perspective

Papers from the third international conference on Teaching and Language Corpora


Lou Burnard and Tony McEnery

Contents: Guy Aston: Corpora and language teaching – Jeremy Clear: Do you believe in Grammar? – Michael Hoey: The hidden lexical clues of textual organisation: a preliminary investigation into an unusual text from a corpus perspective – Rita Simpson, Bret Lucka, and Janine Ovens: Methodological challenges of planning a spoken corpus with pedagogical outcomes – Heloisa Collins: Materials design and language corpora: a report in the context of Distance Education – Pierre-Yves Foucou and Natalie Kübler: A web-based environment for teaching technical English – Christopher Tribble: Genres, keywords, teaching: towards a pedagogic account of the language of project proposals – Paul Thompson: Citation practices in PhD theses – Mike Scott: Focusing on the text and its key words – Yukio Tono: A computer learner corpus based analysis of the acquisition order of English grammatical morphemes – Winnie Cheng and Martin Warren: The Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English: language learning through language description – Lynne Flowerdew: Investigating referential and pragmatic errors in a learner corpus – Eva Eppler, Robert Crawshaw and Caroline Clapham: The Interculture Project corpus: data classification, access and the development of intercultural competence – John Osborne: What can students learn from a corpus?: building bridges between data and explanation – Mark Davies: Using multi-million word corpora of historical and dialectical Spanish texts to teach advanced courses in Spanish linguistics – Josef Szakos: Producing and using corpora in Chinese language education – Angela Hahn: Grammar at its best: The development of a rule- and corpus-based grammar of English tenses – Barbara Seidlhofer: Operationalizing intertextuality: using learner corpora for learning – Silvia Bernardini: Systematising serendipity: Proposals for concordancing large corpora with language learners – Jennifer Pearson: Surfing the Internet: teaching students to choose their texts wisely.