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Middle English from Tongue to Text

Selected Papers from the Third International Conference on Middle English: Language and Text, held at Dublin, Ireland, 1-4 July 1999


Peter J. Lucas and Angela M. Lucas

Contents: Merja Black/Simon Horobin/Jeremy Smith: Towards a New History of Middle English Spelling – Jerzy Wełna: French Loanwords and the Middle English Lowering of [e] before Nonprevocalic [r] – Piotr Sadowsi: Sound-symbolic Vocabulary of Light in Pearl – Angelika Lutz: The Reflexive in Middle English: Loose Ends in the Pronominal System – Michiko Ogura: On the way, on way, and away in Old and Middle English – Rafal Molencki: Middle English Wishful Thinking – Cristina Mourón Figueroa: The System of Sentential Negation in Lazamon’s Brut – Rosamund Allen: The Tactics of Hypotaxis: Sentence Structure in Lazamon’s Brut – Thomas Honegger: Authors and Lovers: Presenting Amorous Interaction in Middle English Romances – Carole Hough: Onomastic Evidence for Middle English Vocabulary – Gillis Kristensson: The Middle English Dialects of the Southern Counties – Raymond Hickey: Dublin and Middle English – Theo Vennemann: On the Rise of ‘Celtic’ Syntax in Middle English – Janne Skaffari: The Non-Native Vocabulary of the Peterborough Chronicle – Herbert Schendl: Code-Choice and Code-Switching in some early Fifteenth-Century Letters – Peter Grund: In Search of Gold: Towards a Text Edition of an Alchemical Treatise – Liliana Sikorska: Authority, Femininity and Motherhood in Julian of Norwich’s Showings – Anne-Marie D’Arcy: Holy Vessell and Blyssed Bloode: Malory’s Personal Symbolism of the Grail.