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Time for words

Studies in Foreign Language Vocabulary Acquisition


Janusz Arabski

Contents: Hans Dechert: Binomials, memes and the evolution of culture – Danuta Gabryś: A universal or unique and amorphous feeling of ANGER: on conceptualising emotions and language awareness – Ewa Jakubowska: How to talk about the self-image in a second language – Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk: Cognitive grammar, language acquisition, and foreign language teaching – Liliana Piasecka: Sensitivity to fixed expressions and idioms - an aspect of lexical competence – Jan Rusiecki: Friends true and false: or a contrastive approach to the lexicon – Rüdiger Zimmermann: Advanced foreign language vocabulary - a closer look at word-formation and idiom – Farida Abderrahim: Is vocabulary acquired or learned? – Anna Bączkowska: Teaching synonyms; a corpus-based approach – Brian Farrington: Interactive, My eye! A criticism of current language learning software – Anna Gnoińska: The quality of exposure to language material and FL vocabulary acquisition – Justyna Leśniewska: Multi-word items in vocabulary acquisition – Moira Linnarud: Maybe you are playing basket in your speertime - teacher response to learners‘ writing in English – Andrzej Łyda: Disjuncts and conjuncts in discourse management – Jan Majer: This is better than that? On reference patterns in teacher trainees‘ English – June Miliander: Lexis in spoken and written learner English by advanced Swedish students – David Singleton: Atomistic and incidental approaches to vocabulary learning – Maria Wysocka: On the learning and use of foreign vocabulary in advanced learners of English – Janusz Arabski: Learning strategies of L1, L2 and L3 lexis – Joanna Bielska: On the relationship between language learning strategy use and vocabulary learning outcomes – Alina Chodkiewicz: Vocabulary acquisition while reading in EFL: learner strategies – Tammy Gregersen/Miguel Farias: Training in memory strategies: simplifying vocabulary development – Elżbieta Krawczyk-Neifar: Foreign language vocabulary learning strategies and the proficiency and age factors – Anna Michońska-Stadnik: A twenty-item vocabulary list for teachers – Anna Niżegorodcew: Initial stages in L2 lexical acquisition.