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The Cause of Cosmopolitanism

Dispositions, Models, Transformations


Patrick O'Donovan and Laura Rascaroli

Contents: Patrick O’Donovan/Laura Rascaroli: Introduction: Cosmopolitanism between Spaces and Practices – Nick Stevenson: European Cosmopolitan Solidarity: Questions of Citizenship, Difference and Post-Materialism – Rebecca E. Kingston: Kant and the Foundations of Modern Cosmopolitan Theory – Brian Duffy: Cosmopolitanism and Patriotism in Richard Ford’s ‘Occidentals’ – Ulrike M. Vieten: Situating Contemporary Discourses on Cosmopolitanism in Britain and Germany: Who is the Other, Anyway? – Patrick O’Donovan: The Logic of Alterity: Is it a Logical Alternative? – Lee Komito: The Experience of Virtual Communities: Cosmopolitan or Voyeur? – Andrew Cusack: The Wanderer as Weltbürger: Die Harzreise and the Genesis of Heine’s Cosmopolitanism – Richard Hibbitt: Paul Bourget’s Critique of fin-de-siècle Cosmopolitanism – Irina Ruppo Malone: Ibsen, the Irish Revival and the Debate about Cosmopolitanism and Nationality in Irish Literature – Patrizia Piredda: Cosmopolitanism as Freedom in Alberto Savinio’s Work – Barbara Geraghty: The Dangers of Cosmopolitanism: Okinawa, China and the US in Ōshiro Tatsuhiro’s The Cocktail Party – Niamh Doheny: Cosmopolitan Belonging and African-American Identity in the 1920s and 1930s: The Films of Oscar Micheaux – Wilfried Raussert: Between Ethical and Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism: Performance Art and Cultural Critique – Michael G. Kelly: Poetic Utterance and the Cosmopolitan Indisposition: On Ghérasim Luca – Stefano Baschiera: Provincial Towns and European Metropolises: The Province in Italian New Wave Cinema – Ewa Mazierska: Citizens of the World versus Hapless Emigrants: The Lives and Films of Roman Polanski and Jerzy Skolimowski – Laura Rascaroli: Home and Away: Nanni Moretti’s The Last Customer and the Ground Zero of Transnational Identities – Vera Sheridan: The Inadvertent Cosmopolitan: A Refugee Tale from Hungarian to English.