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Cooperation and Conflict Management in Central Asia


Reimund Seidelmann and Ernst Giese

Contents: Reimund Seidelmann: Regional Peace, Security and Conflict Management: the European Experience – Panos Tsaloyannis: The European Union and Regional Stability: the Case of the Balkans – F. Peter Wagner: Political Transformation in Newly Established Nation/al States: the Case of Eastern Europe – Murodilla Haydarov: The Soviet Policy of Border Delimitation in Central Asia as a Destabilising Factor: a Historical Overview – Alexei Trouchine: Development in Central Asia – Khurshid Inomjonov: Uzbekistan’s Foreign and Security Policy in Its First Years of Sovereignity – Ainura Asakeeva: Political Development and the Foreign Policy of Kyrgyzstan – Elisabeth Richter: The Political Development of Kazakhstan and Its Foreign and Security Policy – Heiko Schmidt/Joachim Langbein: Turkmenistan - Nation Building and Economic Development since Independence – Franz Wennberg: The Centralization of Power in Post-Soviet Tajikistan – Dörthe List: Conflict and Cooperation in Central Asia: General Patterns and Dynamics – Sagdullaev Djakhangir: Energy and Economic Cooperation in Central Asia – Fakhmiddin Fazilov: Economic Cooperation in Central Asia within the CAC – Aybek Isaev: Economic Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation – Azamat Nurmatov: Religious Fundamentalism and Regional Security – Zakhidulla Munavvarov: The Clash of Radical and Traditional Islam as a Threat to the National Security of the Republic of Uzbekistan: the Case of «Hizb At-Tahrir Al-Islami» Activity – Ernst Giese: Water Shortage, Water Conflicts and Water Management in Dry Areas of Central Asia (East and West-Turkestan) – Dyushen M. Mamatkanov: The Threat of Conflicts about the Interstate Use of Transboundary Water Resources in Central Asia – Malik J. Burlibaev: Causes and Risks of the Pollution of Transboundary Rivers of Kazakhstan – Ravshan M. Alimov: Conflicts over Water Resources in Central Asia: a View from Uzbekistan – Xu Bin: China and Central Asia: a New Dimension of Partnership – Sergey Golunov: The Role of Russia in Central Asia: Realities and Stereotypes – Philipp Borinski: The Us and Central Asia – Firouzeh Nahavandi: The European Union and Central Asia – Kirsten Westphal: Central Asia and the Security of European Energy Supply – Orozbek A. Moldaliev: Security in Central Asia under the Conditions of Globalisation – Jenniver Sehring: The Role of International Organisations in Fostering Regional Cooperation on Water Management – Daojiong Zha: The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – Anna Kreikemeyer: Comprehensive Security for Central Asia - a Challenge for the OSCE.