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A Document (Re)turn

Contributions from a Research Field in Transition

Roswitha Skare, Nils Windfeld Lund and Andreas Varheim

Contents: Niels W. Lund: Building a Discipline, Creating a Profession: An Essay on the Childhood of «dokvit» – Bernd Frohmann: Multiplicity, Materiality, and Autonomous Agency of Documentation – Johanna Drucker: Excerpts and Entanglements – Anders Ørom: The Concept of Information versus the Concept of Document – Gaute Barlindhaug: Analog Sound in the Age of Digital Tools: The Story of the Failure of Digital Technology – B.I. Olsen/N.W. Lund/J.G. Bellika/E. Årsand/P. Hasvold/G. Ellingsen/A. Horsch/G. Hartvigsen: Documents in Medicine: from Paper Documents to Quality-Healthcare? – Helena Francke: Negotiating Cognitive Authority: The Case of Scholarly Electronic Journals – Roswitha Skare: Text und Paratext und deren Remedierung im Film: Jens Sparschuhs Heimatroman Der Zimmerspringbrunnen – Simon Niedenthal: Documents of Light: Three Case Studies and a Preliminary Model for Organizing Light Knowledge – Maribeth Back/Daniel Billsus/Laurent Denoue/David Hilbert: Designing and Using Complex Document Sharing Spaces: A Research Vision of Next-Generation Conference Rooms – Carol E.B. Choksy: Contracts: Documents Creating Context – Philippe Bootz/Xavier Hautbois: Time Measures in Documents: The model of «Motifs Temporels Paramétrés» – Richard L. Anderson/Brian C. O’Connor/Jodi L. Kearns: The Functional Ontology of Filmic Documents – Vesa Suominen: A Structural Approach to the History of Documentary Contents: Documentation Studies for Librarianship – Evelyne Broudoux : Construction de l’autorité informationnelle sur le web – Manuel Zacklad : Réseaux et communautés d’imaginaire documédiatisées – Andreas Vårheim: Evolving and Devolving Institutions: A Perspective on Norwegian Public Policy towards the IT-industry 1945-2000 – Ronald E. Day: «A Necessity of Our Time»: Suzanne Briet’s What is Documentation? – Michael Buckland: Northern Light: Fresh Insights into Enduring Concerns.