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Winning the Asymmetric War

Political, Social and Military Responses

Josef Schröfl, Sean Michael Cox and Thomas Pankratz

Contents: Edwin R. Micewski: Asymmetry and Western Society/Culture-Critical Reflections – Josef Schröfl: Worldwide Asymmetries – Heinz Gärtner: International Institutions, Multilateralism and Powerful States: Asymmetries in International Relations Theories – Werner Freistetter: Asymmetric Wars in the Bible? Theological-ethical Considerations on Violence and War in the Old Testament – Edwin R. Micewski: On the Moral-Philosophical Legitimacy of Asymmetric Warfare – Murad L. Wisniewski: Ecological Threats to National Security: Should the Security Policy Agenda be Expanded to Incorporate Environmental Security? – Walter E. Feichtinger: Asymmetry in International Politics – Herfried Münkler: Asymmetry and the Process of Asymmetrization – Thomas Pankratz/Tibor Benczur-Juris: Necessity, Opportunities and Limits on the Cooperation of Intelligence Agencies in the Fight against International Terrorism in the Framework of the European Union – Wolfgang Schober: Conflict Communication in Times of Asymmetric Warfare – Samuel R. Schubert: The Asymmetric Power of Terrorism – Martin Malek: Asymmetric Warfare in Chechnya – David Francis: Asymmetrical Warfare and the Regionalisation of Domestic Civil Wars in Africa: Implications for EU Interventions – Stefan M. Aubrey: Combating Al-Qaeda and the Jihadist Ideology: An In-Progress Review of the US National Counter-Terrorism Strategy – Joey S.R. Long: Managing Security and Addressing Asymmetric Threats through Multilateral Means in East Asia – Klaus Peter Lohmann: On Development of Modern Warfare. Basic Asymmetries and a Possible Strategy.