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Translation and Interculturality: Africa and the West


Stella Linn, Maarten Mous and Marianne Vogel

Contents: Kwaku Gyasi: Translation as a postcolonial practice: the African writer as translator – Harriet Hill: The effect of translation on cultural categories: evidence from the Adioukrou Bible – Claertje Frieke-Kappers: The communicative value of acculturated language: the case of Budu adjectives – Jan Jansen: Three contesting agendas to canonize the Sunjata epic in Mali and beyond – Michel Lafon : Des difficultés de traduire la littérature africaine ou défense et illustration des notes de bas de page. A propos d’une première traduction en français d’un roman shona, Ndiko Kupindana kwamazuva de Ch. Mungoshi – Raja Lahiani: Translation as an inter-cultural exercise. The pioneering translations of the Mu‘allaqāt – Margreet de Lange: Translation and nation-building in post-apartheid South Africa – Emilie Sanon-Ouattara: Translation in former African colonies: a case study of a sermon translated from French into Jula – Gerrit J. van Steenbergen: Incongruent worldviews: Some implications for translating the Bible in Pökot – Lourens de Vries: Translation functions and interculturality – Lalbila A. Yoda: Explicitation in translation: the case of medical translation from French into Mooré.