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Mizrekh - Мизрехחרזמ

Jewish Studies in the Far East

Ber Kotlerman

Contents: Jonathan Goldstein: Some theoretical approaches for comparing Jewish life in Singapore, Manila, and Harbin – Chizuko Takao: The Birobidzhan project from the Japanese perspective – Dan Ben-Canaan: The Jews of Harbin: Nostalgia versus historical reality – Yuri Pikalov: The NKVD as an agent of Jewish emigration to Birobidzhan before the Soviet-German war (1937-1940) – Michael Zozula: «Maybe it will be ‘hakhshara’ for Palestine?» - Jewish colonization in the USSR in the context of interparty polemics in the Harbin Jewish community – Iosif Brener: The city that was never built: The Swiss architect Hannes Meyer and his project for a «Jewish socialist city in the Lesser Khingan foothills» – Holger Nath: From Tshernowitz to Kiev and Birobidzhan: Yiddish language conferences between 1908 and 1937 – Ber Boris Kotlerman: Trading places: Buzi Miller and internationalization of Jewish «bourgeois nationalism» – Yaacov Ro’i: The visit to Khabarovsk and Birobidzhan of Israeli ambassador to Moscow Yosef Avidar and his wife, Yemima Tchernovitz (1956): Excerpt from Yemima’s diary – Ber Boris Kotlerman: Yosef Trumpeldor in Japanese captivity (1905): An appeal to the Russian Emperor Nicolas II – Sheva Zucker: From Lithuania to Japan via the Trans-Siberian railway: Meyer Zucker’s memoirs from 1940.