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Teenagers in Estonia: Values and Behaviour


Jaan Mikk, Marika Veisson and Piret Luik

Contents: Marika Veisson/Monica Sakk: School Values as Perceived by 4th-6th and 7th-12th Grade Estonian and Russian Students in Estonia – Heiki Krips/Piret Luik/Hasso Kukemelk/Merle Taimalu: Value Judgements by Estonian Teenagers – Karin Täht/Olev Must: Relationship Between the Educational Performance and Attitudes of Estonian Students – Inger Kraav/Juha Hämäläinen: The Connection Between Parenting and the Risk of Intoxicant Use Among Young People – Judit Strömpl/Kadi Ilves/Kadri Soo: Violence in Focus: Narrative Analysis of the Role of Violence in Teenager’s Life – Kristi Kõiv: Bullying Among Estonian Pupils: An Overview – Mare Ainsaar: Early and Very Early Sexual Initiation Among Estonian Adolescents and Attitudes Towards Sexuality – Piret Luik/Merle Taimalu/Heiki Krips/Hasso Kukemelk: Estonian Teenagers’ Employment of Time – Mai Normak/Leida Talts: Academic Emotions in Adolescents’ Learning.