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Un-Disciplining Literature

Literature, Law, and Culture


Kostas Myrsiades and Linda Myrsiades

Contents: Linda Myrsiades: Introduction – Jane B. Baron: Storytelling and Legal Legitimacy – Michael Brooks: Stories and Verdicts: Bernard Goetz and New York in Crisis – Anne E. Shaw/Alane C. Spinney: Rhetoric, Repetition, and Violence: A Case Study of Clinic Conflict in Milwaukee –Jennifer K. Wood: Refined Raw: The Symbolic Violence of Victim’s Rights Reforms – Frances J. Ranney: Posner on Legal Texts: Law, Literature (Economics), and «Welcome Harassment» – Lesley Higgins/Marie-Christine Leps: «Passport Please»: Legal, Literary, and Critical Fictions of Identity – Theron Britt: Narrative Pragmatics and the Genius of the Law in Lyotard’s Just Gaming – Richard H. Weisberg: Antonio’s Legalistic Cruelty: Interdisciplinarity and The Merchant of Venice – Dennis R. Klinck: Shakespeare’s Richard II as Landlord and Wasting Tenant – Richard Clarke Sterne: The Trial in A Passage to India: «Justice» Under Colonial Conditions – Linda Myrsiades: Law, Medicine, and the Sex Slave in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale – Paula Jean Reiter: Husbands, Wives, and Lawyers: Gender Roles and Professional Representations in Trollope and the Adelaide Bartlett Case – Patrick Colm Hogan: Fictive Tales, Real Lives: Problems With Reading Law as Literature.