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Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality

An International Perspective


Bruce P. Corrie and Samuel L. Myers

Contents: Bruce P. Corrie/Samuel L. Myers, Jr.: Introduction – Pinar Batur: Just a Link in the Chain: Global Racism and the Concept of «Blackness» in Russia – Hernán Vera: Local Global Racism in Latin America – Yanick St. Jean: A Case of Culturalization: Haitians in the Dominican Republic – Jomo K.S.: Ethnic Discrimination: A Critical Survey of Economic Explanations – Rupert W. Nacoste: Affirmative Action by the Numbers: Why and How the Psychology of Affirmative Action Matters – Frank Deale: Affirmative Action and International Law: A Test Case – Walter W. Stafford: International Human Rights Instruments and Racial Discrimination in the United States – Eleanor Bourke/Colin Bourke: An Indigenous Australian University – Autar S. Dhesi: Unequal Opportunities in Education and Labour Market in India – Sukhadeo Thorat: Programs for Empowerment and Reducing Equality: A Long Way to Go for Untouchables – Bruce P. Corrie: Racial and Ethnic Inequality - Is Political Mobilization the Remedy? The Case of Dalits and Tribals in Kerala, India – Marilyn E. Lashley: Remedying Racial and Ethnic Inequality in New Zealand: Reparative and Distributive Policies of Social Justice – Gary C. Anders: A Call for Public Policy Review: The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and Native American Development – Sheila D. Collins: Economic Security for All: A Necessary Condition for Eliminating Racial Economic Inequality – Samuel L. Myers, Jr.: If Not Affirmative Action, Then What?