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Casting Gender

Women and Performance in Intercultural Contexts


Laura Lengel and John T. Warren

Contents: Dawn Chatty: Foreword – Laura Lengel/John T. Warren: Introduction: Casting Gender – E.J. Westlake: Theoretical Foundations and Intercultural Performance: (Re)Writing Nations on the Margins – Mimi Gisolfi D’Aponte: Native Women Playwrights: Cultural Historians, Revolutionary Healers – Denise A. Menchaca: Fragments of Memory: Shadowboxing the Hyphen in Border Territory – Jewel Seehaus-Fisher: Maximum Intensity: Intercultural Performances of Doing Time – Susan Hawthorne: Australia’s Performing Older Women’s Circus – Leesha Marie Thrower: A Cultural Performance of «Good» and «Bad»: A Black «Hair-Story» – Alison M. Phipps: Breaking Frames and Burning Witches: From Local German Women to Intercultural Theatre – Elizabeth Whitney: When White Girls Act Black: Reconsidering Performances of Otherness – Helen Iball: Taking Ownership of ‘Her indoors’: Performativity as a Theatrical Dis-location of the British ‘Housewife’ – Amy K. Kilgard: Directing Performances of Border Crossing: An Allegory of Turnst(y)les – Marina Griznic: Feminism and Performances in the Territory of ex-Yugoslavia – John T. Warren/Laura Lengel: Casting into the Future.