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Television’s Take on the Real


Kristina Riegert

Contents: Kristina Riegert: Introduction – John Hartley: «Reality» and the Plebiscite – Göran Bolin: The Politics of Cultural Production: The Journalistic Field, Television, and Politics – Mark Andrejevic: Faking Democracy: Reality Television Politics on American Candidate – Valentina Cardo/John Street: Vote for Me: Playing at Politics – Jeffrey P. Jones: «Fake» News versus «Real» News as Sources of Political Information: The Daily Show and Postmodern Political Reality – Thaïs Machado-Borges: Brazilian Telenovelas, Fictionalized Politics, and the Merchandising of Social Issues – Sue Collins: Traversing Authenticities: The West Wing President and the Activist Sheen – Kristina Riegert: The Ideology of The West Wing: The Television Show That Wants To Be Real – Rune Ottosen: The Reagans: Fiction, History, or Propaganda? – Rikke Schubart: Storytelling for a Nation: Spielberg, Memory, and the Narration of War.