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Oral and Written Narratives and Cultural Identity

Interdisciplinary Approaches


Francisco Cota Fagundes and Irene Maria F. Blayer

Contents: Francisco Cota Fagundes/Irene Maria F. Blayer: Introduction – Leah Bradshaw: Narrative in Dark Times – Kyoko Takashi/Douglas Wilkerson: Recovering the «Japanese» in Narrative – Hazel J. Wrigglesworth: The Function of Ilianen Manobo Storytelling in the Preservation of Culture – Jane E. Oliver: It’s Where My Roots Are: Identity and Place in the Lives of Older Rural New Brunswick Women – Branca Telles Ribeiro/Solange de Azambuja Lira/Márcia Guimarães/Clémence Jouët-Pastré: The Acquisition of Voice in Clinical Settings: Identity Shifts in a Narrative of a Brazilian immigrant Woman – E. Jean Langdon: Dialogicality, Conflict and Memory in Siona Ethnohistory – Carl Leggo: Autobiographical Writing and Voice: Five Echoes – Kwok-Kan Tam: The Self as Hybrid Contestation: Three Autobiographical Stories from Singapore and Malaysia – Weimin Tang: Zone of Negotiation: Storytelling, Intersubjectivity and Transcultural Metamorphosis - Reading the Ethnic Texts The Woman Warrior and The Bonesetter’s Daughter – Sylvia Mittler: Subversive Storytelling: Popular Historiography, Alternative Cultural Memory and Modern Greek Humorist Nikos Tsiforos – María Jesús Cabarcos Traseira: Landscaping and Narrating White Australian-ness in Murray Bail’s Eucalyptus – Corrado Federici: Subjective Identity and Objective Reality in the «Portuguese» Novels of Antonio Tabucchi – Alison Searle: Narrative, Metaphor and Myth in C.S. Lewis’s Testimonial Novel Till We Have Faces – Sandra L. Beckett: «Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall»: The Many Faces of Snow White – Ron Smith/June Neill: Peace Stories and Peacebuilding: Bringing Narrative Thinking to School Improvement for Peace in Northern Ireland.