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Essays in French Literature, Cinema and Theory


Julia Horn and Lynsey Russell-Watts

Contents: James R. Simpson: The Fox and the Lion’s Share: Tyranny, Textuality and Jouissance in the Roman de Renart (Le partage des proies) – Valerie Worth-Stylianou: Whose Life is it Anyway? The Politics of the Representation of Motherhood in two Female-Authored Memoirs of French Renaissance – Katherine Griffiths: Scribbling Ghosts. The Textual Spectres and Spectral Texts of Émile Zola – Jérôme Game: The Self as Dispossession: Deleuzian Becomings and Bataillian Excess – Siobhán Shilton: Repossessing Travel: Postcolonial Theory and the Reordering of Space – Colin Davis: Repossessing Theory – Joseph Harris: Stealing Beauty: The abbé de Choisy’s Appropriation of the Feminine – Susan Griffiths: Who Owns the Female Body? Women and Possession in Crébillon’s Lettres de la Marquise de M*** au Comte de R*** – Fiona Handyside: Possessing Stars, Possessing Texts: Jeanne Moreau and the New Wave – Francesca Nicholson: Troubadour Loves and Gloves – Sue Harris: Dispossession and Exclusion in La Vie rêvée des anges – Libby Saxton: Surrendering Possession? Images and Ethics after Auschwitz.