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Yearbook of the Artificial. Vol. 2

Nature, Culture & Technology- Models in Contemporary Sciences


Massimo Negrotti

Contents: Robert Franck: Introduction. Modeling is the key to science – Massimo Negrotti: Models Thinking – Danila Bertasio: Representation and self-representation: the concept of model in the arts – Giovanni Boniolo: Theories and models: really old hat? – Mario Borillo: Technological risks or risks of reason? A reflection on cognitive technologies – Alessandro Bruschi: Logical models and the logical method – Luciano Celi: White bears and washing-machines: models (and theories) of concepts – Mariella Combi: Cultural models in anthropology – Luciano Floridi/Jeff W. Sanders: The Method of Abstraction – Giuseppe Lanzavecchia: Models in science are unnecessary but useful – Roland Müller: Model: The history of the concept and of its use in science – Giuseppe Padovani: An Implicit Model in Sociology: Raymond Boudon – Roberto Poli: Ontological Models – Antonino Porrello: Theory of the Simulative Models (TMS) – Fumihiko Satofuka: Paradigm shift of Kuhnian model to post-kuhnian one in the history of science, technology and art in Modern Japan – Andrea Sormano: Max Weber’s Methodological Individualism as ‘Sociological Grammar’.