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Imagining the City, Volume 1

The Art of Urban Living


Christian Emden, Catherine Keen and David Robin Midgley

Contents: Christian J. Emden/Catherine Keen/David Midgley: Introduction – Peter Burke: Imagining Identity in the Early Modern City – Síofra Pierse: The City for Voltaire and Rousseau 1776-1778: The Imaginings of Old Age – Hannah Thompson: The Monster and the Monument in Victor Hugo’s Paris – Anthony Phelan: Reading Paris: Political Hermeneutics in Heine’s Lutezia – Simon Kemp: Urban Hell: Infernal Cities in Modern French Literature – Cornelia Ruhe: Premeditated Cities: The Imaginary of the Metropolis – Susanne Hauser: Controlling the Modern City – Silke Arnold-de Simine: Remembering the Future: Utopian and Dystopian Aspects of Glass and Iron Architecture in Walter Benjamin, Paul Scheerbarth, and W. G. Sebald – Franz Bauer: De Chirico as Architect: Space and Void in Conceptions of the City between the World Wars – Davide Deriu: The Ascent of the Modern Planeur: Aerial Images and Urban Imaginary in the 1920s – Steven Jacobs: From Flâneur to Chauffeur: Driving Through Cinematic Cities – Kristin Veel: CyberCitizen: Urban Identity in Net Art – Anna Schober: Political Squats: Cinema and City as Movers of the Real – Jill Fenton: Contemporary Surrealist Geographies of Utopia and Dystopia – Geneviève Québriac: The City: A Space for Event-Related Encounters – Yvonne Houy: The Situationist Metro/Electro Polis: Re-Imagining Urban Spaces in the Twenty-First Century.