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AEJMC - Peter Lang Scholarsourcing Series

Edited By Carolyn Bronstein

Based on the concept of crowdsourcing, Scholarsourcing is a joint publishing initiative between the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and Peter Lang Publishing. The series reimagines the way that scholarly books are proposed, peer-reviewed, and approved for contract during this time of relentless change in both the journalism and publishing industries.
Beginning with a call from AEJMC each fall, members are invited to submit short book proposals that are relevant to journalism and communication and speak to the mission of AEJMC. Proposals are uploaded to an online public platform that allows as many AEJMC members as possible to browse, review, and then vote on and pledge support. This platform encourages public dialogue among multiple parties to improve the potential of each book project. Whether awarded a book contract or not, authors benefit by receiving a valuable set of review comments, far more than they might receive via conventional reviewing processes, and from a more diverse range of reviewers (members). Using these votes and review comments, the AEJMC Scholarsourcing editorial committee, appointed by the president of AEJMC, selects the top proposals. The authors of the top proposals are invited to submit complete book proposals. Once those reviews have been evaluated by the editorial committee and the publisher, a decision on which proposals receive contracts is made.