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Changing Democracy and Systems of Differences and Adjustments

New Complexions of the Political

Edited By Cezary Jozef Olbromski

"The series is intended as a collection of original and critical political-philosophicalworks as well as interdisciplinary studies on contemporary trends within democracy, its counter-actors, and transparent–global market players.
Authors representing various backgrounds and standpoints are encouraged in order to engage in the political philosophy; theoretical and mathematical analyses on politics; cyber society; environments; economics; civil, constitutional, and international law (e.g. legal transplants); human rights; social psychology; and sociology.
The series used to collect the best global achievements and standards. Accordingly, the series has been provided in Spanish, Japanese, [Modern] Greek, German, French, and English but all double-peer-reviewed and accepted manuscripts should contain an English translation of its detailed contents and a résumé written in English. The world of the social has been rich enough to suggest no leading theoretical standpoint and no approaches of investigations are expected as imposed to the subject but normative studies on changing democracy and systems of differences and adjustments are not preferred because every non-changeable thing/idea disappears."