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Homeless Entertainment

On Hafid Bouazza’s Literary Writing


Henriette Louwerse

Hafid Bouazza is a highly influential and celebrated author in the Netherlands today. In the context of contemporary Dutch literature, Bouazza’s Moroccan background still marks a divergence from the born-and-bred Dutch norm. Authors with a bi- or multicultural background are still often cast in the role of ‘exotic outsider’. Bouazza both challenges and uses this position to the full. His writing demonstrates that the perceived us-them or self-other positions are questionable ideological constructs. He undermines the concept of a unified culture and the wholeness of the self. He explores and exploits stereotypical beliefs held on both sides of the East–West divide. The result is a magical realist setting that both puzzles and enchants. This book offers a reading of Bouazza’s literary prose that responds to the interpretative opportunities offered by an author who skilfully and creatively explores his peculiar freedom in his Homeless Entertainment.
Contents: Response to the emergence and rise of multicultural authors in the Netherlands – Analyses of the specific position of ‘outsider’ authors focussing on concepts of (cultural) identity, home and homelessness – Analyses of Bouazza’s main literary works.