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Muslim and Christian Women in Dialogue

The Case of Northern Nigeria


Kathleen McGarvey, OLA

Observations about dialogue and about the theology of religions are common enough these days, but they are rarely grounded in the analysis of a particular reality and are therefore of little help to practitioners. This book, on the other hand, gives an exhaustive documentation of the background and the actual situation of Muslim–Christian relations in Northern Nigeria before proceeding to proposals for understanding the contribution of women’s discourse in the development of dialogue and to a feminist theology of religions. Drawing from her empirical findings in Northern Nigeria as well as some feminist insights, the author suggests an approach to other religions, grounded in people’s lived experience and a shared commitment to justice, peace and transformed human relations. Recognizing the limitations of some pluralist theories, she suggests a feminist-ethical approach to religious pluralism. The practicality and feasibility of such an approach are shown as she elaborates on its possible application in the concrete context of Northern Nigeria.
Contents: Islamic and Christian Feminism: Muslim Women’s Movement - Christian Feminist Theology in Comparison with Islamic Feminism – The Context: Northern Nigeria: Development of Islam and Christianity in Northern Nigeria - Development of a Secular Women’s Movement in Nigeria with an Overview of Women’s Primary Concerns - Muslim Women’s Discourse in Northern Nigeria - Christian Women’s Discourse in Northern Nigeria – Women in Interreligious Dialogue: Interreligious Dialogue in Northern Nigeria - Towards a Women’s Liberative Interreligious Dialogue.