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French Seventeenth-Century Literature. Influences and Transformations

Essays in Honour of Christopher J. Gossip


Jane Southwood and Bernard Bourque

This volume of essays explores influences from Antiquity onwards that shaped the literary and cultural output of the French seventeenth century and the developments to which this period – the so-called ‘classical’ period – gave rise in later centuries.
The thirteen essays in English and French cover three major areas: the continuation in French seventeenth-century literature and cultural events of themes found in previous centuries; internal changes within the body of writings by French seventeenth-century playwrights; the influence of seventeenth-century French writers on later centuries.
The collection celebrates the life and scholarly achievements of the eminent dix-septiémiste Christopher J. Gossip, Emeritus Professor of French, University of New England, Australia.
Contents: Jane Southwood/Bernard Bourque: Professor Christopher J. Gossip – H. T. Barnwell: Metamorphoses of a Dramatic Narrative: The Death of Hippolytus from Euripides to Racine – William Brooks: Philippe Quinault, Thomas Corneille, and Contrasting Approaches to Common Dramatic Material: Stratonice and Antiochus – Lee Brotherson: Religion in a Quebec Novel: A Catholic Heritage Transformed – John Campbell: The Metamorphoses of Innocence in Racine’s Esther – Derek F. Connon: Animal Instincts: Homer, Plutarch and La Fontaine go to the Fair – Helena Duffy: L’(In)fidélité? A Kristevan Reading of Andrzej Żuławski’s Cinematic Adaptation of La Princesse de Clèves – Jennifer Hatte: Truth, Lies and Time-Travel: Jean Cocteau in the Impromptu Tradition – Noël Peacock: Jean-Marie Villégier’s Molière: Experiments in Theatrical Morphogenesis – Henry Phillips: Scenes in the City: Urban Developments in Seventeenth-Century French Theatre – M. S. Rivière: Prussian Princesses at the Court of Frederick II: Devotees of the Theatre of Racine and Voltaire – Alison Saunders: ‘Who can put on a better show?’: Celebrations of Peace as Mounted in Jesuit Colleges in Paris and Lyon in 1660 – B. J. Bourque : Deux Versions de Zénobie : imitation ou transformation ? – Jane Southwood : Éléments antiques et classiques dans l’œuvre de Marguerite Yourcenar : Le Coup de grâce.