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A Critical Study on T. F. Torrance’s Theology of Incarnation


Man Kei Ho

This book analyses T. F. Torrance’s theology of incarnation. His theology is built upon several crucial presuppositions. This book examines these presuppositions and their role within the framework of Torrance’s theology. It explores its unitary structure by analyzing his fundamental methods in hermeneutics, dialectics, natural theology, and natural science. In particular, the study addresses the internal incoherence, inconsistency and seemingly paradoxical nature of his writings (such as the integration of dualistic ideas into a unitary theological structure), and highlights the impact of Barthian theology on his theological formulation.
Contents: Hermeneutics – Theological Science – Natural Theology – Dualism and Dialectic Theology – Human Nature – The Historical Jesus – Hypostatic Union – Divine Nature, Space and Time – Ousia and Hypostasis – Economic Trinity and Immanent Trinity – Open Ended Incarnation – Revelation and History – Revelation and Old Testament – Revelation and Knowing God – Patristic Tradition of Kenosis – Modern Kenotic Ideas – Exegesis of Philippians – Torrance’s Theology of Kenosis.