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Canadian Environments

Essays in Culture, Politics and History


Robert C. Thomsen and Nanette L. Hale

Responding to the comprehensive topic ‘Old Environments – New Environments’, scholars from a variety of disciplines reflect the various connotations that the term ‘environment’ carries in a Canadian context.
Whether moving within the realm of foreign policy, visual arts, constitutional questions, tourism, nature preservation or aboriginal rights, these essays put the capaciousness and cohesiveness of the nation to the test by illustrating the pressures enforced upon it by multiculturalism, the claims for self-determination, anti-confederate agitation and globalisation. The environments scrutinised are many and various, but within each the linchpin remains the quest for identity on the part of the individual, the group or the nation at large.
Individually as well as collectively, the essays in this volume constitute an important contribution to the ongoing debate on Canadianness.
Contents: Robert C. Thomsen/Nanette L. Hale: Introduction: Exploring Environments – Peter Irniq: Now That We Are Here – Melissa S. Williams: Sharing the River. Aboriginal Representation in Canadian Political Institutions – Hartmut Lutz: Unfit for the European Environment. The Tragedy of Abraham and Other Inuit from Labrador in Hagenbeck’s Völkerschau, 1880-81 – H. Peter Dörrenbächer: Steps to Indigenous Resource Co-Management. From the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement to the Agreement of a New Relationship – David Harding: Indigenous Self-Determination. Legitimising Claims to Sovereignty by First Nations Peoples – Patrik Lannto: The Promise and Threat of Civilisation. Native School Policies in Canada and Sweden in the 20th Century – Elin Elgaard/Clarice Blake Rudkowski: Down River – Mary Simon: Emerging Governance in the Circumpolar Region – David G. Haglund: From Counterweight to Linchpin? Musings on the Comparative ‘Continentalisation’ of Security and Defence Policy – Réjean Pelletier: Competing Identities and Values in Multinational Federations. The Case of Canada in Comparison – John Erik Fossum: Obsessed with Federalism? Three Evocative Metaphors of Canadian Politics – Sylvia Söderlind: Musings on the 49th Parallel – Noemi Gal-Or: Private versus Public International Justice. The Role of ADR in Global and Regional Economic Treaties – Helen E. H. Smith/Pamela Wakewich: ‘I Was Not Afraid of Work’. Female War Plant Employees and Their Work Environment – Jan O. Lundgren: Discovering a New Environment - for Pleasure. Canadian Northbound Tourism Development at Work – Peter J. Mitham: Fruit ‘for the Cold North’. Canada’s Russian Apple Trials, 1888-1908 – Christopher English: Taking on the Judges in Pre-Confederation Newfoundland. Peter Cashin, Lay Litigator – Susan Gold/Smith: Drawing Out of Context. Recent Paintings Combining Old World Scientific Specimens, North American Hunting Trophies, and an IKEA Wall Paper Pattern – Eugenia Sojka: From Cultural Homogeneity to Hybridity. Visions of Canadianness in Selected Visual Arts Projects – Patricia Vervoort: The Painted House. Domestic Environments.