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Governance in Global Policy Networks

Individual Strategies and Collective Action in Five Sustainable Energy-Related Type II Partnerships

Sebastian Wienges

Energy spurs social and economic development and has multiple effects on the ecological and social environment of societies. Energy access for socially equitable development, energy security for economic growth, and the mitigation of climate change all represent issues of sustainable development. Energy markets, however, fail to set incentives right. Based on research in five sustainable energy-related global policy networks and on conducted expert interviews, this study analyzes the effectiveness of global policy networks and aims to identify instruments of effective global environmental governance. In conclusion, the study will draft a strategy for network governance how to reconcile long-term and short-term interests by creating integrative sustainable business opportunities. This strategy has to foster collaboration in partnerships and self-organizing dynamics among the network partners.
Contents: Global Governance and Global Policy Networks – The Academic Debate on Network Governance – The Jazzier Dance of Partnerships – Analyzing Global Policy Networks: The Emperor’s New Clothes?