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Post-Merger Intercultural Communication in Multinational Companies

A Linguistic Analysis


Christina Burek

In this book, the focus is on post-merger intercultural integration, effective communication between the relevant cultures and the different politeness strategies adopted by them. It is argued that cultural differences are a key issue in misunderstandings and miscommunication, which can affect a smooth post-merger integration, thereby focusing on differences between the Australians, US-Americans, Germans and the Swiss. The research contributes to bridge the gap between pragmatics, sociolinguistics and intercultural management studies. The empirical findings identify a company’s social dimensions and execution skills as strategic sources of competitive advantage in cross-border M&A activity.
The Author: Christina Burek, born in 1980, has several years of practical experience in the field of intercultural and international Human Resources (HR) Management. She has worked with various organisations on different continents in different HR and consulting roles. In 2006, she earned her equivalent Masters in English, Business Management and Italian at the University of Giessen (Germany) with extensive periods of stay at the University of Leicester (UK). She successfully completed her doctorate degree (Dr. Phil.) at the University of Giessen in 2009.