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Migration, Narration, Communication

Cultural Exchanges in a Globalised World


Alicja Witalisz

The volume offers an interdisciplinary discussion of the phenomenon of migration and mobility in the modern globalised world and their impact on multiple aspects of culture and communication. Contributors, who are literary scholars, linguists and investigators of culture, examine problems related to migration, cultural diversity and cultural globalisation.
Contents: Christoph Houswitschka: Literary views on cosmopolitanism in Europe – Pilar Cuder-Domínguez: Masculinities and intergenerational strife in recent Black British fiction – Dorota Milhułka: «I am a woman cracked by multiple migrations» - the search for self through space in the works by South Asian American women writers – Monika Wojdan: Latino identity in the poetry of Emanuel Xavier – Beata Piątek: Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn: emigration as double life – Dorota Rygiel: When the West becomes the Home: the portrayal of Bangladeshi immigrants in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane – Simona Hevešiová: Unaccustomed Earth: generation at the crossroads – Patrycja Austin: Multilingual India in Amit Chaudhuri’s Afternoon Raag and Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy – Christie Davies: How jokes migrate and how they change as they migrate – Joanne Paisana: Anglo-Portuguese colonial rivalry in late nineteenth-century Africa: visual commentary in contemporary satirical journals – Anna T. Litovkina/Dóra Boronkai: Appreciation of humor in Anglo-American and Hungarian anti-proverbs – Megan Case: Experiences of idiolect change among English speakers in Sweden – Alicja Witalisz: Linguistic globalisation - a contribution to linguistic homogenisation or the creation of linguistic difference? – Marcin Zabawa: The influence of English on international Internet slang – Clare Vassallo: Roses by different names - do they smell as sweet?: style, status and invisibility in literary translation – Colin Swatridge: Does the Erasmus Programme foster a European identity?