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A Transdisciplinary Handbook of Design Anthropology

Yana Milev

«D.A.» represents a cultural science handbook of «Design Anthropology», providing an epistemology, phenomenology and survey of the varieties of the extended concept of design. Here the design concept is placed at the centre of the nexus of meaning of cultural production that rests on the three pillars Segno, Mythus and Techne. Anthropological design research is trans-disciplinary, developing in the connexion between Visual Culture (signal, in/visibility, image/void, imagination, representation), Doing Culture (act, cooperation, relation, fabrication, exchange), Material Culture (object, artefact, thing, facing, texture), Knowledge Culture (techniques, practices, norms, beliefs, values), Narrative Culture (mythology, significance, meaning, memory, identity), Critical Culture (watching, criterion, antagonism, crisis, theory) and Aesthetic Culture (emotion, sentiment, taste, feel, sense). It is only against this background that the complex anthropological dimension of Design Culture can be understood, extending far beyond the horizon of a design science concept of design, industry-near design thinking and marketing, or a product-oriented concept of manufacture. «Design Anthropology» is the research field of the «Coming Community», which has been founded here with a «D.A.» fraternity of more than 100 contributions, partners and friends.
Through «D.A.» Yana Milev has formulated the theoretical and curatorial foundation for an extended concept of design that she has been representing and practicing since the 1990s in the context of the arts, rendering it now as «Anthropo Design».
Contents: Yana Milev: Design Anthropology: Outline of an Expanded Concept of Design in the Field of the (Empirical) Cultural Sciences – Tom Holert: Distributed Agency, Design’s Potentiality – Ulf Wuggenig: The Return of the Plague of Ornaments – Jean Baudrillard: The Power of the Global: Requiem for the Twin Towers – Evert Ypma: Design as Global Lingo – Elisabeth Blum: Dialectics without Reconciliation. How Urbanism lags behind Urban Reality – Elisabeth Blum: The Ethnographer’s Glance – Birgit Richard: The World Trade Center (WTC) Image Complex: On the Culture of the Shifting Image – Aleida Assmann: Problems in the Explication of Occidental Sign Conceptions – Elize Bisanz: The Triadic Mind: Peirce’s Semiotic Concept of Designing the World through Signs – Yana Milev/R+: RAMMSTEIN_Semiology – Daniel Hermsdorf: The 1,000 Lies of Cinema: On Baudrillard’s Term «Simulation» and its Relevance for Film Theory – Saroj Giri: Sights and Sounds at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2011 – Marc Bijl: Burning Signs – Mark Dery: Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing, and Sniping in the Empire of the Signs – Princess Hijab: Hijabism = Hijabizing Advertisements – Angelique Chrisafis: Burka & Gabanna: The Adbusting of Princess Hijab – Henk Oosterling: The Myth of Modernity Interrogated: Oedipus and the Dogon – James Clifford: Taking Identity Politics Seriously: «The Contradictory, Stony Ground ...» – Roger Ballen: Boarding House – Yana Milev: I FINK U FREEKY: On Roger Ballen’s Search for Traces – Molly Nesbit: Ready-Made Originals: The Duchamp Model – Christof Zotter/Janina Karolewski: Ritual Design: A Popular Term and its Scientific Applications – Elisabeth von Samsonow: Ariadne - a Ritual of Everyman’s Life – Elisabeth von Samsonow: Ariadne, the Sacred Patron of Ritual Design – Fareed Armaly: «New Muse»: Museum Exhibition Design as Hubris – Alexander Kluge: Contemporary Ballads: The Narrative Power of the Catastrophe as seen through its Images – Bill Viola: The Greeting – Michael Tomasello: Gestural Conventions – Thomas Metscher: The Logos as Designing Power of Cultures – AOBBME: Ambulance of the In/Human – Rudolf Maresch: Virtus: The Medium of Immersion – Tim Lenoir: Contemplating Singularity – Bureau d’Etudes: Mapping the In/Human – Brian Holmes: Future Map – Friedrich von Borries: Climate Capsules or: The Dymaxion of the 21st Century – Mikael Mikael: Show You Are Not Afraid – Boris Groys: Politics of Self-Design – Boyan Manchev: Performative Design of Life: Perverse Capitalism vs. «Aisthetic» Materialism – Kai Löffelbein: Kids of Sodom: The Dark Side of IT Design Industries – Branka Ćurčić: Ideology of Design: From a Socialist Perspective on Design to it’s Neo-Liberal-Transformation in Ex-Yogoslavia – Hal Foster: Design and Crime: A Sketch for a Political Economy of Design – Jürgen Mayer H.: HIDE-OUT: Camouflages in Architecture and Public Spaces – Chantal Mouffe: Agonistic Politics and Artistic Practices – Oliver Marchart: Staging the Political: (Counter-)Publics and the Theatricality of Acting – Yana Milev: *M *A *D *V *E *R *T *I *S *E*. The Album – Yana Milev: Madvertise Yourself! The Madness of Self-Design via Mobile (App) Advertising and Social Media – Franco Berardi Bifo: Aesthetic Sensibility and the Genealogy of Economic Reason: From Protestant Indust-Reality to Baroque Semiocapital – Saroj Giri: WikiLeaks: the Radical Gesture and its Emptiness – Georg Franck: Mental Capitalism – Alexander Becherer: Paratropolis – Joachim Kreysler: Relational Design between Disaster