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«Babel is Everywhere!» Migrant Readings from Africa, Europe and Asia


Edited By J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, Andrea Fröchtling and Andreas Kunz-Lübcke

«Babel is everywhere! Migrant readings from Africa, Europe and Asia» sets out to explore the intersection between religion, identity and migration. It does so by telling entangled histories between diaspora/s and homeland and by analysing biblical in-roads to issues and challenges of migration. It also explores hyphenated identities and takes a close look at the role of migrant religion specifically regarding issues of mission, of identity formation and of ecclesial and societal formation. This book challenges static notions of diaspora, stable identities and Western-centred notions of Christianity and offers kaleidoscopic insights from Pentecostal, migrant and intercultural perspectives.

Table of contents