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Invention, Rewriting, Usurpation

Discursive Fights over Religious Traditions in Antiquity


Jörg Ulrich, Anders-Christian Jacobsen and David Brakke

This volume assembles written versions of lectures presented and discussed at the conference «Invention, Rewriting, Usurpation – Discursive Fights Over Religious Traditions In Antiquity» held at Aarhus and Ebeltoft in Denmark in the spring of 2010. Most of the religious texts studied in the contributions were drawn from Early Judaism and Early Christianity. The interest in these was on the one hand elucidating different aspects of the role they played in the formation and transformation of the religions, and on the other hand investigating the role these same texts played in cooperation and conflict between these two religions. The topics of the essays focus on four particular themes, namely Reuse, Rewriting and Usurpation of Biblical and Classical Texts, Invention and Maintenance of Religious Traditions, Orthodoxy and Heresy, and Formation of the Biblical Canon.
Contents: Anders-Christian Jacobsen/Jörg Ulrich: Invention, Rewriting, Usurpation. Discursive Fights over Religious Traditions in Antiquity. Introduction – Harold W. Attridge: Invention, Rewriting, Usurpation: The Case of the Johannine Gospel in the Second Century – Christian Müller: From Athanasius to «Athanasius»: Usurping a «Nicene Hero» or: The Making-of of the «Athanasian Creed» – Marianne Sághy: Fido recubans sub tegmine Christi: Rewriting as Orthodoxy in the Epigrammata Damasiana – Gábor Kendeffy: Velamentum stultitiae: 1 Cor 1:20f. and 3:19 in Lactantius’Divine Institutes – Gunnar Haaland: An Intertextual Geography of Cultural Value: Flavius Josephus on the Inland Location of the Jewish People – Peter von Möllendorff: Canon as Pharmakón: Inside and Outside Discursive Sanity in Imperial Greek Literature – Karla Pollmann: Tradition and Innovation: The Transformation of Classical Literary Genres in Christian Late Antiquity – Jennifer Hart: An Unworthy Baptism Revisited – Anders Klostergaard Petersen: «Invention» and «Maintenance» of Religious Traditions: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives – Jörg Ulrich: Dimensions and Developments of Early Christian Historiography – Oda Wischmeyer: «Invented Traditions» and «New Traditions» in Earliest Christianity – Einar Thomassen: What is Heresy, and Why Did it Matter? – Uta Heil: Bishop - Bible - Creed: Normative Rules in the Contest for «Orthodoxy» and «Heresy» in Early Christianity – Thomas Graumann: Orthodoxy, Authority and the (Re-) Construction of the Past in Church Councils – Hugo Lundhaug: Shenoute’s Heresiological Polemics and its Context(s) – David Brakke: Scriptural Practices in Early Christianity: Towards a New History of the New Testament Canon – Stephen B. Chapman: Second Temple Jewish Hermeneutics: How Canon is Not an Anachronism – Giovanni Bazzana: «Be Good Moneychangers»: The Role of an Agraphon in a Discursive Fight for the Canon of Scripture – Sebastian Moll: The Usurpation of the Old Testament.