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Communication – Conversation – Cooperation

How can conflicts be resolved?

Alpago Alpago

This study analyzes the social problems of society systematically from a macro view and pluralistic point of view. The main objective of this field-study is to contribute an effort to the culture of discussion and problem-solving culture of society. The research constructs a healthy relationship chain: welcoming, touch, communication, conversation, cooperation. This book is a pioneering ‘roadmap’, which leads the readers to go beyond their own confinement and to see matters more humanistic and truthfully. This project is based on simulations and hermeneutic analysis. In these simulations the human values and features have been applied as research indicators. These indicators are: beliefs, emotions, love, religion, death, sleep, birth, eating, sex, disease, conflict issues, confidence, frustration, identity, language, home, strangers, poverty, wealth and so on. For that reason, the method of this case-study is inventive and pioneering. Ultimately, the goal of this work is to tell the truth as it really is. The book is particularly relevant for Neuroeconomics and Behavioral-scientists.

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