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Organization and Consultation

A Textbook on Foundations and Theories- Translated by Gordon C. Wells

Nicole Saam

This broad, balanced introduction to studies devoted to organizational consultation enables the reader to compare and contrast different approaches to the study of professional consulting services. Organizational consultation is a type of interaction between two organizations: client and consultant. The interaction of client and consultant is described and explained from the point of view of nine different theoretical perspectives: symbolic interactionism (Mead, Blumer, Turner), Weberian organizational theory, new institutional economics (Jensen, Meckling, Williamson), dramaturgical sociology (Goffmann), micropolitical approaches (Crozier, Friedberg), functionalism (Parsons), systems theory (Luhmann), neo-institutionalism (Meyer), and postmodernism (Foucault, Derrida, Lyotard). These represent the major theoretical approaches from sociology, economics, and organization sciences.

Table of contents