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Teaching English Pronunciation at the Secondary School Level


Karolina Janczukowicz

This book aims to aid English teachers at the junior and senior secondary school levels in teaching pronunciation within a regular EFL syllabus. It presents such a way of incorporating the phonetic and lexical components so as to facilitate students’ acquisition of a standard phonetic system and to prevent them from forming habitual mistakes in individual words. It highlights key areas of the English phonetic system and provides examples of strategies how to use a course-book for the sake of teaching pronunciation. The discussion of teaching the phonetic system relies on the comparison between its conscious and unconscious acquisition. Teaching individual vocabulary items (especially reversing habitual mispronunciations) is analysed through contrasting mental and behavioural learning.
Karolina Janczukowicz is an Assistant Professor at the University of Gdańsk (Poland) in the Institute of English and American Studies. Her professional experience includes teaching literature and ELT methodology as well as directing amateur theatrical performances. Her particular interest concerns teaching pronunciation to secondary school students. This book is the result of her observations following both, the practical experience and academic research.