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The Culture of (Im)Pudicity

A Romanian Case Study

Petrea Lindenbauer, Michael Metzeltin and Florin Oprescu

Shame and pudicity are key concepts in our daily human interaction. Veiling and unveiling, showing or hiding are not only constitutive social conventions or public «laws» in our societies, but also a way of expressing our emotional structure in accordance to the nature of our inner Self and our relations within a group.

This book is concerned with the theoretical and practical approaches of the concepts of «shame» and «(im)pudicity». It responds to the eternal provoking question of how a ground concept could transgress its field of analysis and immerge within literature, linguistics, translation studies, philosophy and journalism. Featuring essays from specialists in these fields, this book is surprisingly defining for the formation of the Romanian modern culture, both past and future, demonstrating its European cultural vocation.

Shame: Constituent Factors – How to Translate «Shame» – Pudicity in the Relation between Human and Animal – Bohemian Culture in the 19th Century – B.P. Hasdeu's Press Trial for Duduca Mamuca – Signs (Lack) of Shame in Herta Müller's Work – On (Im)Pudicity in the Romanian Press – The Contemporary Bessarabian Novel – De-Tabooing of the Young Romanian Prose during the Last Decade – The Aesthetics of Literary (Im)Pudicity