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Sport, Beer, and Gender

Promotional Culture and Contemporary Social Life


Lawrence A. Wenner and Steve Jackson

Sport, Beer, and Gender: Promotional Culture and Contemporary Social Life brings together a group of esteemed international scholars to focus on the important, complex, and mutually reinforcing relationships between sport, beer, and gender in fashioning promotional strategies and shaping global cultures of consumption. Collectively, the book examines a well-known social constellation that has received little specific scholarly attention although it sits at the axis of many lines of expanding inquiry in sport studies, media studies, gender studies, cultural studies, consumer studies, and the study of alcohol and substance abuse. The essays gathered here interrogate and trace beer as a commodity as it circumnavigates the circuit of commodification including: (1) institutions and production, (2) texts and representation, and (3) consumption and reception; they explore how it moves from concept to reality, from the private to the public realm, and ultimately its effects on contemporary gendered identity.
Contents: Lawrence A. Wenner/Steven J. Jackson: Sport, Beer, and Gender in Promotional Culture: On the Dynamics of a Holy Trinity – James R. Walker/Nelson Hathcock/Robert V. Bellamy: Domesticating the Brew: Gender and Sport in Postwar Magazine Advertising for Beer – John Horne/Garry Whannel: Beer Sponsors Football: What Could Go Wrong? – Shannon Jette/Robert E.C. Sparks/Ilana Pinsky/Liliana Castaneda/Rebecca J. Haines: Youth, Sports, and the Culture of Beer Drinking: Global Alcohol Sponsorship of Sports and Cultural Events in Latin America – John Amis/Ronald L. Mower/Michael L. Silk: (Michael) Power, Gendered Subjectivities, and Filmic Representation: Brand Strategy and Guinness’ Critical Assignment in Africa – Lawrence A. Wenner: Brewing Consumption: Sports Dirt, Mythic Masculinity, and the Ethos of Beer Commercials – Lindsey J. Meân: On the Lite Side? Miller Lite’s Men of the Square Table, Man Laws, and the Making of Masculinity – Jim McKay/Michael Emmison/Janine Mikosza: Lads, Larrikins and Mates: Hegemonic Masculinities in Australian Beer Advertisements – Steven J. Jackson/Sarah Gee/Jay Scherer: Producing and Consuming Masculinity: New Zealand’s (Speight’s) «Southern Man» – David Rowe/Callum Gilmour: Lubrication and Domination: Beer, Sport, Masculinity, and the Australian Gender Order – Catherine Palmer: The «Grog Squad»: An Ethnography of Beer Consumption at Australian Rules Football – Margaret Carlisle Duncan/Alan Aycock: «I Laughed Until I Hurt»: Negative Humor in Super Bowl Ads – Charles Atkin/Walter Gantz: Promotion and Prevention of Drinking in U.S. College Sports – Garry Crawford: Consuming Sport, Consuming Beer: Sport Fans, Scene, and Everyday Life.