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Recognition: The Poetics of Narrative

Interdisciplinary Studies on Anagnorisis


Edited By Philip Kennedy and Marylin Lawrence

This interdisciplinary collection of essays advances the study of anagnorisis («recognition»), a quintessential concept in Aristotelian poetics. This book explores narrative structure and epistemology by examining how anagnorisis works in narrative fiction, music, and film. Contributors hail from the fields of cinema; opera; religion; medieval and modern English, German, and French literatures; comparative literature; and Indian (Sanskrit) and Islamic (Arabic) literatures, both classical and modern.
Contents: Philip F. Kennedy/Marilyn Lawrence: Introduction – Wendy Doniger: Narrative Conventions and Rings of Recognition – Philip F. Kennedy: Islamic Recognitions: An Overview – Elizabeth Archibald: Non-recognition in Sir Triamour: The Reversal of Romance Expectations – Marilyn Lawrence: Recognition and Identity in Medieval Narrative: The Saracen Woman in the Anglo-Norman Epic Boeve de Haumtone – Jessica Waldoff: Recognition: A Challenge for Opera Studies – Terence Cave: Singing with Tigers: Recognition in Wilhelm Meister, Daniel Deronda, and Nights at the Circus – Richard Allen: Hitchcock, Knowledge, and Sexual Difference – Gina Welty Parkinson: Looking for Patterns in Static: Recognition, Reading, and Detecting in G.K. Chesterton and Paul Auster’s City of Glass – Rebecca Carol Johnson: The Politics of Reading: Revolution and Recognition in Jabra Ibrahim Jabra’s In Search of Walid Masoud – Daniel Beaumont: The «Lone-Nut» Theory: Paranoia and Recognition in Contemporary American Fiction – Piero Boitani: Recognition: The Pain and Joy of Compassion – Marina Warner: Mirror-Readings: An Afterword.