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A New Day

Essays on World Christianity in Honor of Lamin Sanneh- Foreword by Andrew F. Walls

Akintunde E. Akinade

The unprecedented resurgence, renewal, and rebirth of twenty-first century Christianity in postcolonial societies, such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America, calls for new insights, methodologies, and paradigms since the West can no longer be regarded as the sole citadel and cradle of the Christian faith. The Christian message has been reshaped and reappropriated in different contexts and cultures and, through this cross-cultural transmission and transformation, it has become a world religion. Contextualizing the Christian faith also entails decolonizing its theology, precepts, and dogma. These efforts continue to engender new initiatives and efforts in the intercultural, interconfessional, intercontinental, and interreligious dimensions of world Christianity. A New Day is a collection of essays in honor of Lamin Sanneh, one of the most adamant advocates and apostles of the radical change in the face of Christianity in the twenty-first century. The essays in this book by recognized scholars deal with issues, themes, and perspectives that are important for understanding Christianity as a world religious movement.
Contents: Andrew F. Walls: Foreword – A Salute to Lamin Sanneh – Akintunde E. Akinade: Introduction: The Grandeur of Faith: Exploring World Christianity’s Multiple Trajectories – Andrew F. Walls: World Christianity and the Early Church – Namsoon Kang: Whose/Which World in World Christianity?: Toward World Christianity as Christianity of Worldly-Responsibility – Amos Yong: The Church and Mission Theology in a Post-Constantinian Era: Soundings from the Anglo-American Frontier – Luis N. Rivera-Pagán: A Prophetic Challenge to the Church: The Last Word of Bartolomé de las Casas – Dale T. Irvin: Theological Education in a Transnational Context: Learning from the Center for World Christianity at New York Theological Seminary – Kevin Ward: Christianity, Revival and the Rwandan Genocide – Philomena Njeri Mwaura: A Spirituality of Resistance and Hope: African Instituted Churches’ Response to Poverty – Gay L. Byron: Redrawing the Boundaries of Early Christianity: The Case of the Axumite Empire and its Sources – J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu: ‘Touch Not the Lord’s Anointed’: Leadership in Ghana’s New Charismatic Communities – Elias K. Bongmba: Visions and Dreams in an African Initiated Church – Deidre Helen Crumbley: On Both Sides of the Atlantic: Independent Church Movements (ICMs) in Africa and the African Diaspora – Arun Jones: Playing with Fire – Leo D. Lefebure: The Lord’s Prayer in Interreligious Perspective – Klaus Hock: Rashîd Ridâ’s «Mission Seminary» Between Tradition, Islamic Reform, and Political Islam – Yushau Sodiq: Muslims and Christians in Yorubaland: Unavoidable Neighbors – Grace Ji-Sun Kim: Exploring Holy Spirit, Chi and the Other – Terry C. Muck: Teaching Religion in Theological Schools: A Pedagogical Proposal – Peter C. Phan: Appendix – A Review of Lamin Sanneh’s Disciples of All Nations: Pillars of World Christianity.